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Commission Schedule for Online Trading

“Seaport Eliminates Paper Statement Fees”

The commission on all stock trades over 1000 shares* is now 1.5 cents per share (a 25% savings).
The commission on all option trades is now $1.25 per contract (a 37% savings) plus the new lower minimum of $14.95 (a 40% savings).

*$14.95 minimum


$14.95 per transaction up to 1000 shares, plus $0.015 per share thereafter on all stock orders.

There are no extra charges for Limit or GTC orders.

* * Foreign Stocks

A $50 international clearance fee (in addition to the regular commission) will apply for stocks dually listed on the NASDAQ Bulletin Board Foreign market and foreign stock exchanges or markets. These stocks have symbols with 5 letters and end in an "F". Example LMNOF

Bulletin Board and Pink Sheet Stocks

Effective March 18, 2013 we will no longer accept free receipts of Bulletin Board or Pink Sheet securities through Direct Registration (DRS), Deposit, Withdrawal at Custodian (DWAC) and physical receipt. Additionally, accounts will also be subject to a $150 fee if an account's trding activity results in a daily change in trade date position for securities that are non-DTCC eligible. Trading activity that nets to zero on a daily basis will not result in a physical settlement, and will not incur the fee.  


$14.95 for all options plus $1.25 per contract.

Mutual Funds

No Load Funds, $35.00 transaction fee.

Load Funds, there are no transaction fees.

All Bonds (any price, any bond)

$3.00 per bond.

Note: Before Seaport Securities Corp. will accept any order (MKT, Limit, or GTC) you must have good funds or stock in your account.