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E-Documents is a complimentary service designed to give you more timely access to your financial reports by providing them in an electronic format. By participating in the E-Documents service you'll receive the following: 

  • Flexible access to account statements, trade confirmations and other documents via the Internet, when it is convenient for you - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You receive an e-mail notification when new documents are posted and you have the ability to view documents of your choice. Almost all documents are available in a PDF format, which is ideal for downloading and printing.
  • Faster delivery of important investment information. Trade confirmations are available online the day after the trade has been processed. Account statements are generally available on the second or third calendar day of the month. Mutual fund prospectuses, proxy statements, and annual reports are typically available within five days after publication by the issuing corporation.
  • Secure storage in a private E-Documents account. Your personal financial records are kept confidential and are available only to you through a password protected connection.
  • Reduced paperwork and clutter. You no longer receive paper trade confirmations, statements and other documents by mail since the online documents are identical to the printed versions.
  • Enhanced recordkeeping and the ability to search for and retrieve specific documents. A virtual file cabinet of trade confirmations and account statements is maintained enabling you to access historical information for an extended period.