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Institutional Trading

In the fragmented and ever changing world of equity trading that the institutional community faces today, Seaport Securities remains resolute in keeping our customers the No. 1 priority. Our sole purpose and goal is to be as seamless and anonymous extension of institutional desks. As such we remain committed to leaving no footprint where we trade unless asked to do so.

Ted Weisberg, the founder and President of Seaport Securities, has been executing institutional business for four decades. In 1979, he had the foresight to create a fully functional broker dealer to handle the needs of the buy side community including regulatory and operational components.

Our firm is well capitalized and has an exemplary compliance record.

With access to all sources of liquidity, our team of veteran traders can focus on seeking and adding value in the dynamic equity environment. We pride ourselves on following and executing orders, not creating or complicating the instructions of our clients.

As the business evolves one thing remains constant: our focus and purpose to serve our customers’ needs. Forty years ago that is how our foundation was laid out, and it remains the very same today.

For more information contact: Ted Weisberg (212) 482-8689.